Duroproof™ NEP STD 15 Ltr


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Duroproof™ NEP STD 15 Ltr

DUROPROOF™ NEP STD is a high quality, superior performance single component liquid that cures to rapidly to form a polyurethane membrane that is tack-free, high modulus, tough and flexible. For non exposed use only.

    Use Area

    •  Planter box internals and retaining walls
    • Roof and Deck areas that are to be paved over with a sand bed, ballasted or otherwise covered without bonding
    • Landscaped decks
    • Reinforced concrete and fibrous cement sheeting floors in bathrooms and laundries.
    • Waterproofing beneath screeds on decks, balconies and podium levels prior to the application of a variety of surface finishes, such as tiles.


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