Duroflex Basement 20kg


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Duroflex Basement 20kg

Duroflex basement is a 1 component polymer enhanced, rigid setting cementitious slurry coat designed for a range of positive and negative waterproofing applications over concrete and masonry surfaces. Suitable for underground structures including retaining walls, basements walls, lift shafts, car parks, building foundations and footings to prevent water migration through both positive and negative faces of structures.

Once cured Duroflex basement can be finished over with paint, render and other decorative finishes


  • Non toxic Excellent adhesion properties
  • Fast drying
  • Dries without cracking, low shrinkage
  • 1 component, mixed on site with water, ready to use
  • Able to withstand positive and negative water pressure (up to 5m head of pressure on negative side)
  • Protects against chlorides, sulphates, sea water, subterranean water, freeze thaw and varying pH water
  • Suitable on damp concrete or green freshly laid concrete
  • Can be finished over with paints, renders and other decorative finishes



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