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Duromastic DuroSolar


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Duromastic DuroSolar
DUROSOLAR is a scientifically formulated heat reflective roof, wall and façade coating system that keeps your in-house temperature cooler and also acts as a waterproofing membrane.
DUROSOLAR works by reflecting more of the sun's radiations at the roof or wall surface than other coating and this translates into reduced heat flow to occupancy zones. The benefits are reduced electricity usage, less heat transfer into buildings and lower energy demand for air conditioning. Reduced heat build up can also prolong the life of building materials beneath the coatings by reduced thermal cycling and slowing chemical ageing.g.

    Use Area : 

    • Concrete, brick, blockwork, render walls and facades, concrete roof tiles
    • Bitumen roof top coating
    • As a Solar Reflective colour topcoat for Duroroof, Duromastic AC & P15. 


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