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Duromastic AR 20 Ltr


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Duromastic AR 20 Ltr

DUROTECH AR sealer is a low viscosity acrylic binder that penetrates and seals absorbent floors preventing dusting. It has excellent external durability against sunlight, moisture and soiling.
DUROTECH AR sealer is applied to absorbent building materials such as concrete, slate and sandstone to retain the fresh new appearance by resisting moisture, stains and dirt to give a self cleaning surface.
DUROTECH AR is normally clear but may be pigmented to limited colours*. It is suitable for trafficable floors and walls subjected to frequent cleaning.
DUROTECH AR is an excellent primer for acrylic membranes where the substrate surface is in poor condition, i.e. Chalky, powdery DUROTECH AR as a wet concrete curing compound, is applied over moist concrete to retain water for better concrete curing and fine surface crack and dust reduction.


  • Penetrating sealer, preventing dusting and fretting of concrete floors and pavements.
  • Non yellowing
  • UV Resistant
  • Excellent water and oil resistance
  • Easily maintained
  • Splash and spillage resistant to chemicals
    Ease of application – brush / roller / spray

Use Area

  • New and old concrete pavements
  • Pavers-concrete, unglazed terracotta, slate
  • Floors or facias of sandstone, slate, marble Wet concrete curing compound
  • Factories, showrooms, carparks Primer for acrylic coatings


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