Duromastic Waterbased Membranes

Duromastic Duraroof 15 Ltr


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Duromastic Duraroof 15 Ltr

Duromastic Duraroof is a liquid crack-bridging membrane product based on a unique double crosslinked copolymer system. It does not contain plasticisers or oils that can leach, degrade or contribute to dirt-pickup. DURAROOF is used as a fully exposed membrane or a crack-bridging basecoat, or beneath a tiled mortar bed . It can withstand occasional light foot traffic. The product is water-based yet offers strong resistance to waterponding. The cured membrane combines exceptional flex and elasticity for good crackbridging properties with good tensile film strength. DURAROOF has excellent resistance to UV, colour fade and chalking. DURAROOF membrane is easily maintained, recoated and repaired .The water content is low which enables fast drying, and thick films to be built up quickly. The product is supplied as a thixotropic liquid, which is easily applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It complies fully with the test requirements of AS:4858-2004 “Wet Area Membranes” and passes at Class III, the highest level in the Australian standard..


  • Single component, water-based
  • Exceptional elongation & crack bridging
  • Excellent water resistance
  • UV resistant
  • High Solids
  • Ease of application – roller/spray/brush
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, brick,
  • FC sheeting and render.
  • Non-hazardous, low odour

Use Area

  • Exposed roofs & parapet walls
  • Decks & podiums
  • As a crack-bridging basecoat
  • Topcoating of mineral surfaced bitumen membranes


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